[#6600] to twitter: favorites done repeatetly

2014-11-28 09:31
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Bernhard Reiter (bernhard)
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Nobody (None)
to twitter: favorites done repeatetly

Detailed description
Using pumpbridge until a few days ago (on blessuren), one of my twitter contacts told me that my favorites of her post where send to them often, like once a day. So I suspect that the version of pumpbridge renewed the favorite command to twitter, thus causing the repetition.

Expected behaviour: a favorite notification should be triggered once.

Severity: high because it may annoy twitter users if using the favorite system on pump.io.
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Date: 2014-12-05 07:49
Sender: Bernhard Reiter

Still exists with current pumpbridge.me version. So do not like posts of the bridge until this is fixed with twitter.

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