Project Member List

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Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Jan-Oliver Wagner Contact: Jan-Oliver Wagner Admin
Bernhard Herzog Contact: Bernhard Herzog Admin
Bugs 1240 OSAAS-Logging breaks when DB-connection went away for a short time 175 Months Ago 175 Months Ago
Bugs 843 Inconsistent request delivers a faillog entry; owsProxy delivers an image 189 Months Ago 189 Months Ago
Patches 801 Added a quick hack to write a PID to a file 190 Months Ago 189 Months Ago
Feature Requests 887 Script to transfer (valid) requests from faillog into DB 186 Months Ago 186 Months Ago
Feature Requests 840 Entries for service are NULL when Service=WMS is missing 189 Months Ago 189 Months Ago