Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Member User Name Role(s)/Position(s)
Michael Wiegand
Michael Wiegand Admin
Jan-Oliver Wagner
Jan-Oliver Wagner Admin
Christian Fischer
Christian Fischer Admin
Benedikt Kampmeyer
Benedikt Kampmeyer Admin
Matthew Mundell
Matthew Mundell Senior Developer
Veerendra G.G
Veerendra G.G Senior Developer
Chandrashekhar B
Chandrashekhar B Senior Developer
Randal Rioux
Randal Rioux Senior Developer
Thomas Reinke
Thomas Reinke Senior Developer
Bernhard Herzog
Bernhard Herzog Senior Developer
Vlatko Kosturjak
Vlatko Kosturjak Senior Developer
Geoff Galitz
Geoff Galitz Senior Developer
Hani Benhabiles
Hani Benhabiles Senior Developer
Sven Haardiek
Sven Haardiek Senior Developer
Antu Sanadi
Antu Sanadi Junior Developer
Henri Doreau
Henri Doreau Junior Developer
Sooraj KS
Sooraj KS Junior Developer
Preeti Subramanian
Preeti Subramanian Junior Developer
Thomas Rotter
Thomas Rotter Junior Developer
Stephan Kleine
Stephan Kleine Junior Developer
Christian Kuersteiner
Christian Kuersteiner Junior Developer
Srinivas Nagathihalli
Srinivas Nagathihalli Junior Developer
Chandan S
Chandan S Junior Developer
Joey Schulze
Joey Schulze Junior Developer
Laban Mwangi
Laban Mwangi Junior Developer
Tyrus Kamau
Tyrus Kamau Junior Developer
Michelangelo Sidagni
Michelangelo Sidagni Junior Developer
Werner Koch
Werner Koch Junior Developer
Shang Wang
Shang Wang Junior Developer
Sebastien Aucouturier
Sebastien Aucouturier Junior Developer
Timo Pollmeier
Timo Pollmeier Junior Developer
Thanga Prakash S
Thanga Prakash S Junior Developer
Mauro Risonho de Paula Assumpção
Mauro Risonho de Paula Assumpção Junior Developer
Shakeel Bhat
Shakeel Bhat Junior Developer
eero volotinen
eero volotinen Junior Developer
Bjoern Ricks
Bjoern Ricks Junior Developer
Juan Nicola
Juan Nicola Junior Developer
Emanuel Moss
Emanuel Moss Junior Developer
Adrian Steins
Adrian Steins Junior Developer
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Junior Developer
Steffen Waterkamp
Steffen Waterkamp Junior Developer
Jan Philipp Schulte
Jan Philipp Schulte Junior Developer
Carsten Graumann
Carsten Graumann Junior Developer
Michael Martin
Michael Martin Junior Developer
Zaki Akhmad
Zaki Akhmad Apprentice
Jerome Athias
Jerome Athias Apprentice
Vinícius Schmidt
Vinícius Schmidt Apprentice
Guglielmo Alfieri
Guglielmo Alfieri Apprentice
Loic Maury
Loic Maury Apprentice
soltani imad
soltani imad Apprentice
Rock She
Rock She Apprentice
a b
a b Apprentice
Jan Sverre Andreassen
Jan Sverre Andreassen Apprentice
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Apprentice
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor Apprentice
Lucas Fernandes Galvão
Lucas Fernandes Galvão Apprentice
Francisco Luis Andres Perez
Francisco Luis Andres Perez Apprentice
Ashish Disawal
Ashish Disawal Apprentice