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Release Name: ArcMap2SLD_1.2.2.1

Release Notes

This Sub-Release provides a bug fixing at ClassBreaksRenderer (

Change Log

Changes in rel. 1.0.1: 2006-Feb-07. 1. Bugfix of the function "SimpleFill" (correlates to the ArcMap-function "SingleSymbol") 2. complete support of all functions in english 3. user-aid by tooltips Changes in rel. 1.0.2: 2007-Jan-15. 1. Floatingpoint values are now beeing separated by a decimal point (before was commaseparated). now values are OGC compliant. Changes in rel. 1.0.3: 2007-Jan-22 1. Bugfix der Funktion "StoreLineFill" (Polygonfüllung mit Kartographischen Linien) Changes in release 1.1.0: 2007-Jan-26. 1. Now Group Layers are supported. The structure of the GroupLayers cannot be mapped. Thats Part of the WMS spec and not SLD. But the including Layers are stored and put out in SLD Changes by Marco Nijdam, AGI Rijkswaterstaat, Delft, in release 1.2.0: 28.02.2007: 1. Added TextSymbolizer support for simple annotation with a single feature as label. 2. Small code cleanup in using constants. 3. Added changes for Ionic RSW WMS: Rule.Name and FeatureTypeName 4. Improved code readability and consistency by moving common code blocks for point and line symbolizers to separate functions. Same for marker code to GetMarkerValue function. 5. Improved point symbol conversion to well known marker types, 6. including simple, arrow symbols. For some character marker symbol fonts, consisting mainly of circles and rectangles, it tries to map the characters to well-known markers. 7. Improved transparent color handling: polygons with outline but no fill, and point symbols. 27.03.2007: 1. Extract transparency based on the color. 2. Extract dashed line settings for cartographic lines and simple lines. 3. Simplified color handling by always having no color (empty string) if the color is transparent or style indicates color is not used. 4. Fixed several bugs where wrong object was used causing a crash, in methods StoreLineFill, StoreDotDensityFill, StorePictureFill, StoreGradientFill, StoreBarChart, StorePieChart, StoreStackedChart 6. For simpleRenderer added Rule Name and Title elements, needed for Ionic. 7. For simple polygon features, do not default to solid fill, but look at polygon features. 8. For multi-layer symbols create a symbolizer for each layer. 9. For line features, added stroke-dasharray CSS based on the dash-type (simple lines) 10.or the template (cartographic lines) defined for a symbol. Also implements HashLineSymbols using this. 11.Improved detection of no outline by checking for outline size of 0 12.For polygon features, don't include a fill CSS if the feature has no, or a transparent, fill. 13.For polygon features, don't include a stroke CSS if there is no border. 14.Determine opacity based on the transparency set in the symbol color. 15.Simplified color handling by always having no color if the color is transparent or unused. 25.04.2007: 1. Allow conversion of only layers that are visible, ignore those not visible. Using option from motherform menu to decide whether to convert all layers or just selected layers. 2. Added option to menu to enable or disable checking all layers (or just selected layers). 3. Added TextSymbolizer support for simple annotation with a single feature as label. Changes in release 1.2.1: 2007-Sep-12 1. Fix to handle cartographic lines with empty Template pattern. 2. Changed the logical Operator "AND" to the OGC-compliant "And". Thus changed the "LUT_SLD_mapping_file.xml" 3. Changed the format of the stroke-dasharray to the OGC-compliant format without the suffixes "px" 2007-Sep-14 1. About-Box included Changes in release 1.2.2: -Bugfix about OGC "And" -Support for grouped values in UniqueValueRenderer -Handle cartographic lines with empty Template pattern -Separation of layers in different files if wanted 2008-10-23 Changes in sub-release 1.2.21: -Bugfix at "Quantities" (ClassBreaksRenderer)