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Release Name: ArcMap2SLD_1.2.0

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Change Log

'CHANGES: '01.02.2006: Bugfix: in function StoreLineFill() '04.02.2006: Language-customizing english/german '04.02.2006: Tooltips '22.01.2007: Bugfix: in StorLineFill.ICartographicLineSymbol '26.01.2007: The converter now supports Group Layers (They cannot be displayed because there's still no such structure ' in SLD, but the FeatureLayers inside the Group Layers are beeing stored. The the analysis of function ' AnalyseLayerSymbology was outsourced to the new function SpreadLayerStructure. There a recursive call rules ' the Layer order. The routine AddOneToLayerNumber counts the Layernumbers up. '27.03.2007: - Extract transparency based on the color. ' - Extract dashed line settings for cartographic lines and simple lines. ' - Simplified color handling by always having no color (empty string) ' if the color is transparent or style indicates color is not used. ' - Fixed several bugs where wrong object was used causing a crash, in methods ' StoreLineFill, StoreDotDensityFill, StorePictureFill, StoreGradientFill, StoreBarChart, StorePieChart, StoreStackedChart '28.03.2007: Added TextSymbolizer support for simple annotation with a single feature as label. '25.04.2007: Allow conversion of only layers that are visible, ignore those not visible. ' Using option from motherform menu to decide whether to convert all ' layers or just selected layers.