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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 5.0.8

Release Notes
This is the eighth maintenance release of the openvas-scanner 5.0 module for
the Open Vulnerability Assessment System release 8 (OpenVAS-8).

This release addresses an issue related to the 'scanner_plugins_timeout'
preference and contains several small improvements to e.g. signal handling and

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:
Hani Benhabiles, Juan Jose Nicola, Timo Pollmeier, Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael
Change Log
Main changes compared to 5.0.7:
* An issue which caused the 'scanner_plugins_timeout' preference to contain a
  wrong value under certain circumstances has been addressed.
* Handling of circular dependencies in run-time scheduling has been improved.
* Signal handling in the loading handler process has been improved.
* The URL for the feed tarball location has been updated.
* The logging is now properly re-initialized when the main scanner process
  receives a SIGHUP signal.
* Support for 'soft stopping' has been added.
* Handling of 'dead' targets has been improved.
* Logging has been improved.
* Documentation has been updated.