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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 8.0.5

Release Notes
This is the fifth maintenance release of the openvas-libraries 8.0 module for
the Open Vulnerability Assessment System 8 (OpenVAS-8).

This release improves OSP support and adds support for SNMPv2c requests,
retrieving SSH host keys and signature checking and improves the handling of
timeout log messages and privilege drop checks.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
Hani Benhabiles, Timo Pollmeier and Michael Wiegand.
Change Log
Main changes compared to 8.0.4:
* OSP error handling has been improved.
* OSP parameter handling has been improved.
* Support for OSP scan details has been added.
* Conditions triggering a privilege drop are checked more precisely.
* Support for caching signature checking results has been added.
* Support for retrieving the SSH host key has been added.
* Support for SNMPv2c has been added.
* Timeout log messages are now logged only three times per port.
* An issue with the handling of multiple ports in the standalone NASL 
  interpreter has been fixed.