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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 6.1+beta1

Release Notes
This is the first beta version of the upcoming 6.1 release of the OpenVAS
Manager. It is the central management service between the actual security
scanners and various user clients.

This release moves authentication configuration from file based function to the
Manager database. It also adds support for CVE scanning and contains a number of
other improvements.

Please make sure to read the INSTALL file for important installation and
migration information, even and especially if you have used OpenVAS Manager

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Sven Haardiek, Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier and Michael Wiegand.
Change Log
Main changes since 6.0 series:
* The required minimum version of OpenVAS Libraries has been raised to 8.1.0.
* Authentication checks are now handled locally instead of file based OpenVAS
  Libraries functions.
* Permission management has been improved.
* OSP support has been improved.
* Support for CVE scanning has been added.
* Handling of QoD information has been improved.
* PostgreSQL support has been improved.
* Internal improvements.
* The built-in LaTeX report format has been improved.
* Support for running cppcheck from the build environment has been added.
* A number of issues discovered through static code analysis have been 
* Documentation has been updated.