Project Filelist for OpenVAS

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.0

Release Notes
This is the 1.0.0 release of the ospd module for the Open Vulnerability
Assessment System (OpenVAS).

ospd 1.0 represents over one year of intensive work. The mission of ospd
is to offer a powerful unified interface for different security scanners
and make their control flow and scan results consistently available under
the central OpenVAS Manager service.

The design supports wrapping arbitrary scanners with same protocol OSP
(OpenVAS Scanner Protocol), sharing the core daemon options while adding
scanner specific parameters and options.

Central features of ospd are:

* A base class for arbitrary OSP scanner that offers all standard features
  of such a wrapper daemon.

* OSP documentation. 

ospd is Free Software (Open Source), licensed under GNU General Public License
Version 2 or any later version.  

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Jan-Oliver Wagner, Michael Wiegand
Change Log
Main changes since 1.0b7:
* Fixed tests.
* Various documentation updates.