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Release Name: 6.0+beta3

Release Notes
This is the third beta version of the upcoming 6.0 release of the Greenbone
Security Assistant (GSA). It is the web client that makes the full feature set
of OpenVAS Manager available in a web browser.

This release makes multiple improvements to various charts, such as adding
support for line charts, adding charts to the tasks page and adding support for
exporting data as an HTML table. It also changes the default behaviour for XSLT
processing from spawning an external process to using libxslt and restores
compatibility with older GLib versions.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release:
BenoƮt Allard, Hani Benhabiles, Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier and Michael
Change Log
Main changes since 6.0+beta2:
* Support for line charts has been added.
* The charts request parameter is now processed for all HTTP GET requests.
* Charts have been added to the tasks page.
* Support for exporting data as an HTML table has been added to charts.
* Numerous cleanups and consolidations for various charts.
* GSA will now use libxslt by default for XSLT processing instead of spawning an
  external 'xsltproc' process.
* Compatibility with older GLib versions (2.30 and before) has been restored.
* Documentation has been updated.