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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 8.0+beta1

Release Notes
This release is the first beta version of the next major release of
openvas-libraries. It will be part of the upcoming "OpenVAS-8".

Main new features and other changes of 8.0 compared to 7.0 include the
new redis-based backend for the Knowldge Base (KB) and support for OpenVAS
Scanner Protocol (OSP).

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed this release:
Hani Benhabiles, Henri Doreau, Michael Meyer, Matthew Mundell, Timo Pollmeier,
Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael Wiegand.
Change Log
Main changes compared to 7.0.x:
* Changed the kowledge base (KB) backend to a redis-based one.
  This adds the mandatory prerequisite for the library hiredis.
* Made libssh a mandatory prerequisite.
* Added support functions for new OpenVAS Scanner Potocol (OSP).
* Improved password policy warning handling.
* New option "-B" for command line tool "openvas-nasl" to make the
  script run in description mode first.
* Dropped the public key part for SSH credentials as it is redundant.
* Dropped support for OMP rcfile.
* Dropped support for target locators.
* Dropped support for pausing scan tasks.
* Improved support of server connections including TLS part (GNUTLS). 
* Various little fixes and extensions.
* Comprehensive code-cleanups.