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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.3.0

Release Notes
Maintenance release, also with new features, namely support of HTTP Basic Auth support.
Change Log
* New: Support of ,,Basic Authentication" of the HTTP Protocol.
  Now InteProxy can access servers that use this standard methode
  to secure OWS services.
* Improvement: In some cases problems occurred combining ArcGIS as
  client and deegree OWS-Proxy as server. This protocol error is now
  neutralized by InteProxy, although the actual problem lies
  somewhere else.
* Improvement: In some cases, when InteProxy works as HTTP-Proxy,
  errors occurred e.g. for "/favicon.ico". This has been fixed.
* Solved issue No. 243 ,,Authentication dialog not always in foreground", func=detail&aid=243&group_id=23&atid=178
  demo.cfg has been extended with some
  explanations and hints to better
  prevent wrong configurations.
* Improvement: Access Constraints: Are these data not sent in correct
  format, now InteProxy recognizes this case and doesn't react wrongly any more.