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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: InteProxy 0.1.2

Release Notes
Bug-Fix and small improvements Release.
Change Log
* New: Command-line parameter
  ,,--debug-level" to switch on debug
  information. This is an expert function.
  Values larger than 0 describe the
  level of details for the debug information
  (currently only one level is implemented).
  A value of 0 means that no debug information
  are collected. The default is 0.
* New: Command-line parameter ,,--worker" to
  define the number of parallel connections.
  The default is 5.
* Solved issue no. 271 ,,Firefox/Konqueror
  couldn't display Image (REQUEST=GetMap).",
* New: Support of WFS für deegree OWS-Proxy.
* Improved manual.