Project Filelist for Windows Privacy Tray

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: WinPT 1.0.0pre1 Src

Release Notes
New pre-release.
Change Log
* Do sanity checks to avoid that the user can mark
  a revoked user id as the primary ID. And similar
  that a fully trusted user ID cannot be signed again.
* The Key Manager now remembers the window size and
  restore the values from the registry and resize the
  window accordingly.
* The key sign dialog now has a feature to display the
  photo of the key owner if it is available.
* Fix a problem in the key edit dialog when a new
  subkey was added and the algorithm was displayed
  as "???".
* The verify list dialog now also uses icons to
  make it easier to recognize the signature state visually.
* Allow 8-bit passphrases, formerly utf8 encoding of the
* Avoid crashes when the user tries to execute functions
  that access the key cache during synchronisation.
* Better keyserver error messages.