Project Filelist for Windows Privacy Tray

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: WinPT 0.11.8 Source

Release Notes
Bug fix release with some improvements.
Change Log
* Improved key edit system. It now always also to edit public keys.
* Allow to sign a single user-id (new key edit dialog).
* Check if the keyrings are read-only and offer to remove
  this limitation.
* Fix a problem that an unprivileged (normal) user cannot
  display photo-ids via the Key Property dialog.
* New key selection system for encryption based dialogs.
* Always use text mode to avoid line ending problems on
  different OS systems.
* Check for ultimately trusted keys and issue a warning
  if appropriate.
* The program can now handle keys without a passphrase (again).
* New tree based dialog to list the signatures.
* Several minor cleanups and bug fixes.
* Fix the problem when the default secret key is deleted
  and the config entries are not resetted.