Project Filelist for Windows Privacy Tray

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: WinPT 0.11.5 Source

Release Notes
Release with a lot of bug fixes and GUI improvements for the Key Manager
Change Log
* Fixed a seg fault which occurs when keys in the Key Manager
  will be deleted without confirmation.
* Images for the Key Manager key list.
* LDAP keyserver code works again.
* Do not allow to modify revoked keys (key edit).
* Some GUI improvements for the Key Manager.
* Show keyserver import status when a single key
  was refreshed.
* The use of the MAPI system to send a public key
  does not work correctly.
* New icons for the Key Manager toolbar and for
  the keyserver dialog.
* Restore Key Manager window when minimized.
* All successfull keyserver operations update the GUI.
* Configuration data is now stored under $APPDATA\winpt.
* Ability to add/remove/edit the keyserver entries.
* Fixed the problem that reloaded keys do not have
  (all) signatures.
* Fixed problem when the first key in the Key Manager was