Project Filelist for Windows Privacy Tray

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: WinPT 0.11.3 Exe

Release Notes
Another bug fix release which fixes a lot of minor problems and improved user handling for the Key Manager.

This release does not include GPG 1.4.3-cvs any longer because WinPT 0.11.3 also works with GPG 1.4.2
Change Log
* Directly reload the key after it was received from a
* Initialize gettext early as possible to avoid that
  greeting messages are still in English.
* Do not register file extensions if GPGee is available.
* Backup to home path will now use the correct directory
  ($APPDATA) and not the folder where gpg.exe is located.
* Display the correct preferred cipher in the key property dialog.
* Fix a lot of minor user handling problems in the Key Manager.