Project Filelist for Windows Privacy Tray

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: WinPT 1.0.0pre3 Src

Release Notes
Another bug fix release.
Change Log
* Bug fix in file name handling for the MAPI feature.
* The key sign dialog now lists all user IDs and not only
  the primary to indicate that all user IDs will be signed.
* The signature property dialog now contain all useful
  information about the sig, which includes the creation date.
* A bug in the key deleting code has been fixed. The problem
  is only related to the GUI synchronisation and not the delete
  process itself.
* Support to retrieve the PKA record directly from the DNS.
  This allows to perform a validity check of the key if a
  PKA record is available for the key.
* The Current Window Support does know correctly reset the
  cursor position within the foreground window.
* Fix problem in the key cache which might lead to a segv
  after importing a secret key or if the last secret key