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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 0.7.2

Release Notes
Noteworthy changes in version 0.7.2 (2006-03-03)

 * The key generation wizard does not allow to set a comment anymore.
   This is an advanced feature available in the advanced GUI version
   of key generation.

 * Bug fixes for the Windows target, in particular
   internationalization and binary mode file handling.
Change Log
2006-03-03  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * gpafileverifyop.c: Revert last change, it broke verification of
        non-encrypted files.  Instead, the decryption operation has to
        show the signatures, but that is a bigger change.

2006-02-28  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * gpafileverifyop.c (gpa_file_verify_operation_start): Use
        gpgme_op_decrypt_verify_start for non-detached signatures, so
        decrypted and signed files can be verified.

        * keygenwizard.c: Remove comment_page.
        (gpa_keygen_wizard_comment_page): Function removed.
        (gpa_keygen_wizard_generate_action): Do not free params.comment.
        (gpa_keygen_wizard_new): Do not add comment page.

        * gpa.c (main): Create default config directory if it doesn't

2006-02-14  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

        * gpgmetools.c (O_BINARY): Define if it isn't defined by system
        (gpa_open_output): Use open() instead of creat() and set binary
        (gpa_open_input): Set binary mode.

2006-01-17  Werner Koch  <>

        Replaced all stock buttons with plain texts for uniform

2006-01-13  Werner Koch  <>

        * gpgmeedit.c (edit_fnc): Do not call write for empty strings.
         Add support for debugging.
        (edit_sign_fnc_transit) <SIGN_UID>: Detect sign_uid.okay.

2006-01-12  Werner Koch  <>

        * server_access.c (helper_path): Add special version for W32.
        (do_spawn) [W32]: Don't pass ERROR by value.

        * gpa.c (get_locale_dir): Fixed.

2006-01-11  Werner Koch  <>

        * gpawizard.c (gpa_wizard_new): Replace stock button labels by our
        own for consistent labeling between gpg4win installer and GPA.