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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: statist-1.4.1

Release Notes

  Statist is very portable.  It can be compiled in practically any
  system with any C compiler. However, and the system must have
  libintl and libiconv to compile the program with support for
  languages other than English.  If gnuplot is installed, statist
  can create graphics.
Change Log

 * Statist now can open csv files. It will try to discover whether
   the file has a header with column names, what is the field
   separator, and what is the decimal separator. If necessary,
   these parameters might be set using command line options.

 * Gnuplot graphics now can have strings with letters of different
   alphabets if the environment charset is UTF-8 and the user
   chooses UTF-8 as the "gnuplot_charset" in the statistrc file.
 * Added menu item "Save last gnuplot graphic as png".

 * Added statistrc options "gnuplot_default_term" and

 * Do not add the string "#%" to files created with --xcols if
   either the command line option --header was used or the
   statistrc option autodetect_header is active.


 * No longer crashing if gnuplot isn't installed and the user
   tries to run a graphic.
 * No longer crashing on menu item 4.1 if there is a "nan" value
   in the datafile. Now, the string "nan" is read as missing
 * Fixed wrong alignment of columns in "Frequency table", "Compare
   means", and "Show data of columns" when the locale charset was
   UTF-8, and there is non-ascii characters.
 * The min and max values chosen by the user in menu item 4.1
   now are used used even if the number of classes wasn't chosen
 * Partial correlation with five variables now prints some
   correlations that were missing in the output.
 * The function extract_cols() now correctly extract non-numeric
   values from fixed width column files, but outputs a warning if
   such a value is found.
 * "Yes/No" questions might be answered in the language that
   statist is running.
 * The alert character (^G) no longer is written to statist.log.
 * Fixed crash in out_r() on AMD64 when the option --log was
 * Removes the GPL_DAT file when the user sends to gnuplot the
   "quit" command.
 * Michael Gebhardt translated the new strings into German.