Forum: Gpg4win 2.1.0 released

Posted by: Emanuel Schütze
Date: 2011-03-15 16:01
Summary: Gpg4win 2.1.0 released
Project: gpg4win


We are pleased to announce the availability of the new stable Gpg4win release: Version 2.1.0.
The download is available via the new gpg4win website:

See the README file for details:
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Samsung 3D [ Reply ]
By: samsung3d123 rj on 2011-05-06 10:16

Television is the main center of our entertainment. Over the years, many innovative features have been added to televisions to provide viewers with a better cinematic experience. A hot trend in the market nowadays is the 3D TVs. For the modern technology lovers, Nebraska furniture Mart offers the Samsung PN58C7000 58" 3D Plasma TV.

The most impressive feature of the Samsung PN58C7000 1080p Plasma HDTV is the 3D technology which gives viewers a chance to experience a new dimension in HDTV. The advanced E3- Panel technology integrated with Clear Image Panel technology in the Samsung PN58C7000 1080p Plasma HDTV eliminates off-angle reflections. This upgrade over the normal conventional panels offers clear images. The stylish ultra slim cabinet with the touch of rich brushed hairline black bezel makes it a must-buy for it will add to the style quotient of your home.

Plasma TVs have always meant whooping electricity bills as the fancy screens hog a lot of electricity; but the Samsung PN58C7000 58-Inch 3D Plasma HDTV has overcome this imperfection. This Samsung TV is energy compliant, so you can enjoy non-stop entertainment without worrying about energy consumption.

The inclusion of an Internet@TV connectivity package in the PN58C7000 58-Inch 3D Plasma HDTV gives you easy access to the content on the Internet. The optional Samsung 3D glasses can add to your overall viewing experience.

You can playback video or images by connecting your camera and camcorder to the television via USB. On the whole, we think that the Samsung PN58C7000 58-Inch 3D Plasma HDTV with its exclusive and innovative features will definitely give you an enthralling viewing experience. Purchase the Samsung PN58C7000 58" 3D Plasma TV at NFM which is a one-stop destination for quality home furnishing products.

Watch jaw-dropping action leap off the screen with Samsung 3D technology. To all the advantages of our LED screen like brilliant color, sharp contrast and low energy consumption, add one more. It is even up to 50%more efficient than the latest ENERGY STAR?

Samsung 3D technology

Samsung just rolls out the C7000 Series Full HD 3D HDTV which comes in two models, the 46-inch UN46C7000 and the 55-inch UN55C7000. "The beauty of 3-D is that it delivers a vivid image with life-like depth," said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America, in a press event Wednesday.

After all the hype prompted by the success of Avatar in cinemas and the flood of 3D technology unveiled at trade shows like CES 2010, 3D TV is finally becoming a reality in living rooms.

3D TV is an Emerging Technology that allows consumers to enjoy three-dimensional movies, television programs and video games in their homes.

Undeniably, 3D TV is on its way, and technologically advanced consumers will begin to adopt the 3D displays that will ship later this year.

Experience games and movies like never before. When you add the optional 3D add on kit, you can enjoy a nice selection of 3D movies and hundreds of PC games today and you'll have everything you need to enjoy increased 3D content tomorrow.

Even when you're not watching 3D content, you'll appreciate the high definition quality of your DLP HDTV. 3D content is becoming more popular every day.

This will surely sell millions, especially if they ever get holo-technology built in.

Turn on your new 3D DLP HDTV, slide on your active 3D glasses, and watch the images jump off the high definition screen and into your home theater.

The only thing slowing the adoption of 3D TV is the fact that content is scarce, but there are those who believe that will change in the next three to four years

Samsung is among the leading manufactures of electronics worldwide. They strive for quality and great design and they have been pushing for great technologies such as Hd Three dimensional Tvs.

A decade ago Samsung was hardly recognized in the United States marketplace, and now is the number one manufacture of plasma tvs and number 2 in mobile handset products.
Since big is much better, at least personally! Let's evaluation a number of Samsung's most in-demand 63" Tvs.

Samsung PNC63C8000 - 63" HDTV - Plasma - Full HD

Among the finest designs available today, in addition , it performers splendidly, this is an remarkable TV. Some of the benefits of this particular TV is Three dimensional High definition tv experience, you'll need the optionally available Samsung 3d glasses. In addition , it includes a nice internet interface, personalized access to internet content through home networking. To get into the net you will have to purchase a wifi lan adapter and have a minimum of a G wi-fi connector. It is extremely easy to get into your favorite internet content using this Tv, adding your Netflix account and you will be able to watch movies quickly. Very realistic shades and the actual image quality is simply amazing, highly detailed picture with deep black levels and vivid colors, virtually no buzzing sound when watching this Tv. The Tv set body is quite elegant and the cabinet measures merely a 1.5" deep.

Samsung PN63C550 - 63" HDTV - Plasma TV - 1080P

On to the technical specs of this stunning Samsung 63" TV, this is a full 1080p Set with contrast ratio of 2000000:1. It performs very well, and it also offers internet online connectivity. This is actually the ideal set of Hd tv if you want to stay in the mid-range price. This specific Tv is now retailing for about $1800 ( On the web). This Tv offers four Hdmi inputs using single audio and video cables sources like Blu-ray disc, built in Ethernet port, makes watching films, downloading music and also photos from your PC a breeze. Image is razor-sharp in detail, vibrant shades and realistic on-screen motion, makes this Tv set a terrific purchase.

Samsung PN63C7000 3D capable - Full 1080p Plasma Tv

3d was a major push by manufactures this year, and with Samsung wasn't any different. This specific Hd tv is 3D ready, and also the image overall performance of this Tv set is wonderful. You need to buy your Three dimensional shutter eyeglasses if you want to experience 3d on this set. This particular Tv includes four HDMI inputs, 2 USB plug-ins as well as built-in Ethernet port for easy use of the internet. Wireless DLNA capacity. The picture is lifelike, very clean image and it feels almost like the image is jumping out of your Tv set. User friendly interface, along with a reflection-reduction coating eliminates the majority of the picture distortions. Energy-efficient in conformity with Energy Star requirements, this specific Tv set provides top quality picture, the price is mid-range, selling for about $2,500.

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