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problem decrypting msg from Adele - error msg [ Reply ]
By: John Collins on 2010-04-20 02:51
I installed the Gpg4Win latest version 2010-04-12 and it appears to work when I send a message to myself at another of my email addresses. But when I sent my public key to Adele, the test robot, I could not decrypt her reply.

I am using the clipboard. I get this Error Message:

Error in operation result:
No valid UTF-8 at position 41.

Just so you know I am not a complete noob, I emailed a test encrypted for my public key and sent it to a second address, I retrieved it and decrypted it on the clipboard properly. I also encrypted a .jpg file and decrypted it using the file button. After sending my public key to Adele, I got the above message when decrypting her reply.

Anyone know what that message means? After this problem, I went back and decrypted the message I sent to myself again and that did work.

Not much fun sending secret messages to myself, though. ;)

Thank you.