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I am missing lots of signatures [ Reply ]
By: Ben Stover on 2009-07-21 08:07
I exported a lot of keys from my PGP keyring (not GnuPG) and re-imported them into GnuPG.

When I look now on the signatures of certain keys I miss a lot of entries.

E.g. the key of "Philip R.Zimmermann" is sign only by One (!) other instance. Same with DFN-PCA.
In PGP KeyManager there are at least 20 of them.

It seems to me that WinPT KeyManager list only those instance which are included in my keyring as well.

How can I tell WinPT to list really ALL signatures for a key even if they are not in my local keyring?

Can you change this in the next release of WinPT?