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RE: Why is self-signature necessary? [ Reply ]
By: Timo Schulz on 2009-03-28 20:26
The problem is the identity of such a key. Without a self-signature, you cannot even check the validity of the key. It could be modified in any way without a chance to detect it.
In my opinion, only PGP 2.6 issues keys without a self-signature. All recent OpenPGP implementations should create a self-sig.

Why is self-signature necessary? [ Reply ]
By: Ben Stover on 2009-03-11 17:25
When I import into WinPT an ascii keyring file which was previously exported from PGP then almost all keys were accepted except 2 of them.

They were imported but rejected for encryption.


PGP uses and accepted them without any promlems.

See (anonymized) snapshot here:

Click on the picture to see better quality