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RE: some internationalization problems [ Reply ]
By: Timo Schulz on 2007-05-25 14:49
Other: there is no real and easy way to configure the language interface for each user or better there is no individual user support.

This could be easily done by looking at the windows language and then set a MO file which fits in the scheme. But I'm _very_ short on time right now. I will add it to the TODO list.

some internationalization problems [ Reply ]
By: Cristian Secară on 2007-04-26 16:12
WinPT has problems with the Unicode UTF-8 format in interface labels. I translated a few .po strings in Romanian language using the UTF-8 encoding format, using poEdit, and the result is this mess:
I expect my name to be UTF-8 for sure, because if I am using the GPA interface it is now the GPA who displays my name wrong, very simila to WinPT behaviour.

Other: how can I store the language location selection in a per-user manner ? At present I can choose the language file location, but the next time I open WinPT it defaults back to English. I want to store this setting in a per-user manner, so that each user on the same machine be able to use its own preferred language.

An "automatic" selection (based on local user preferences) as the default, with additional explicit language selection would be the best solution (similar to VLC Media Player, for example).