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RE: Multiple problems with OE 6 on Windows 20 [ Reply ]
By: Timo Schulz on 2007-02-05 21:02
When you are asked for your digital ID, it is definitely a sign that the plugin did not load itself successfull into the Outlook memory space.

Is there really an icon in the tray which shows a look and you can right-click on it to see a popup menu?

Multiple problems with OE 6 on Windows 2000 [ Reply ]
By: Fred Wamsley on 2006-12-09 03:31
If I enable signing and disable encryption, the plugin tries to encrypt anyway.

The other problem is that although encryption works as expected, signing goes to the OE code that uses an X.509 signature and doesn't use GPG keys.

Let me know if I can collect more data that would help. I know how hard it is to debug a problem when you don't have an identical test machine.

OE 6.00.2800.1807
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 with hotfixes through November 2006
gpgoe 0.8.1

gpgoeinit runs without error.
My keyring has signing keys.

If I start a message in OE, leave the Sign button selected and the Encrypt button unselected, when I hit Send the Encrypt button turns back on by itself. Encryption works normally and shows me keys from my keyring, so we know that keyring access is working right.

After encypriton finishes and I have an encrypted message, I get an Outlook Express message about needing a digital ID. I don't see a prompt for my gpg signing key.