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RE: Kleopatra won't decript [ Reply ]
By: Bernhard Reiter on 2020-06-04 06:42
Hi Bill,
there are several ways the decryption could fail.
(Including some which are okay, ,,,,and some where the message is not helpful enough.)

Another way to try decrypting is via the internet explorer (file manager), place the message in a text file, save it and then use the context menu (right click) to select decryption.

Best Regards,

Kleopatra won't decript [ Reply ]
By: bill lewis on 2020-06-04 05:21

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Hi, i'm new to all this, but finally managed to get a public key. Anyway, I pasted an encrypted message into the Notepad window in Kleo, hit decrypt, and got message that there was No Data. How can there be no data? I put in the correct passcode. Thanks.