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Error "Invalid value" when sending [ Reply ]
By: Ulrich Jakobus on 2006-08-12 17:59

Windows XP Home SP2, Outlook Express 6, GPGoe 0.8.1.

Pluging starts correctly (icon in system tray).
Receiving encrypted e-mail and decryption also
working fine (i.e. prompt for password, decrypted
text shown in message view window).

When trying to send an e-mail with encryption
enabled, then an error window is shown with this

Warning This text will be sent in clear text
Error description: Invalid value

What does this mean? How to resolve?

It does not make a difference whether the public
PGP key of the recipient is available or not, in
both cases the same error message is shown and the
e-mail is then sent in clear text.

Thanks for any help / info!