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RE: working or not? [ Reply ]
By: Timo Schulz on 2006-05-13 09:58
Due to the internal structure of the plug-in it is possible that it does not work in any environment.

For the moment I can just test it with Outlook XP on Windows XP.

I'm sorry to say that I don't have much hints. If the gpgoeinit.exe has been sucessfully started, the "Encrypt" and "Sign" buttons in OE should produce GPG output.

Did you install Windows XP SP2?

working or not? [ Reply ]
By: ciccio pasticcio on 2006-05-11 14:52
Good afternoon,
firt of all i wish to thanks Timo for the great job.
I used to work with OE + gpgoe and everything went fine.
now i have a new laptop and it seems it does'n work any more.
I have a compaq presario 2511, 512mb ram.
with windows 2000, service pack 4.

C:\>gpg --version
gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.3
and set the correct path in the environement variable.

WinPT 0.12.0

and GPGOE 0.8.1

so everything is upgraded at the latest version.

i have that little lock, down there in the task bar, no complains when i launch it.

on my outlook express i have configured 4 accounts pop3/smtp but only two of them have a pair of gpg keys wich are regularry imported in the keyring.

the problem is that when i try to sign/encript
a mail to send from one of those 2 accounts the plugin seems to work properly, meaning that it does the usual checks that it did when i used it on my old laptop.
it highlights, as usual, all the fields in the mail client ,but then it doesn't ask for any passphrase and just put the message in the outbox.
no signign no encription.
the funny thing is that i tried several times and only a couple of times it asked me for the passphrase doing its job correctly.
So because of that i think it's correclty installed bot for some reason most of the times it just does the normal operations but then doesn'sign or encript.

some suggestions? hints?

thanks in advance for your cooperationa.