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RE: OE crass down if "allow to plain text rep [ Reply ]
By: Timo Schulz on 2006-04-19 09:50
If you reply to an encrypted mail, the encrypted text is used in the reply. To allow people to use the plaintext in the mail reply is the purpose of this function.

It is known to cause some trouble on some machines, that's why it is off by default.

And for the moment it is _not_ possible to decrypt the mails in the preview.

OE crass down if "allow to plain text reply" [ Reply ]
By: Ben St on 2006-04-18 19:30
I'm not sure, which function the "allow to plain text reply" option has? Can anybody explain?
On my system:
OE crash down, if "allow to plain text reply" is activ (+/- 30sec. after the start of OE). Without "allow ..." it works fine.

P.S.: I don't know, how difficult it is... but is it possible to decrypt the messages in the preview (like Thunderbird+Enigmail)?