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Howto to recognize private key as default? [ Reply ]
By: Amelia Chappell on 2011-12-07 15:24
I've been searching forums, FAQ's, manuals and content for a few days but no one seems to be having a problem similar enough to what I'm experiencing to get a handle on it and solve it.

Problem (long description):
My problem is that I have a private key that I created a while ago that I have stored on a USB drive. The same drive also contains a revocation key (that I'm not sure is necessary, and hopefully we wont have to use to solve the problem). Since that key was created I have had to reinstall my OS, and all the GPG and PGP software that is necessary for security purposes on Ubuntu. (By the way, I'm currently using Ubuntu v11.04 64bit) However the GNU-Privacy Assistant (GPA), after importing my private key, will not let me make that key the default key. There appears to be no option to do so.

Problem (Short description):
I need to make my private key the default key in GPA so I can verify and sign pgp/gpg signatures.

How can I get my private key set as the default key in GPA? Is there a way to have it sign itself to become the default key?