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Encrypting with more keyattila flagellodidio122006-12-13 10:04
portable version of WinPTBen St72006-12-12 11:26
WinPT Doesn't recognize current windowsMark Leone142006-12-10 16:08
Key Manager "Groups" Menu ItemJulian Tosh22006-12-02 10:50
winpt resets proxy-setting to 'NONE'Ralf 42006-10-23 06:38
Can't verify WinPT signatureAlexey Tal12006-10-21 13:47
Broken download linkTimo Schulz02006-07-18 17:19
WinPT 0.12.0 FATAL ERRORC C92006-06-19 20:16
.gpg to .pgp extensionchris key22006-06-02 18:20
winpt crash multi file decrypt bad passphraseOli 105062006-05-13 09:50
Probleme Outlook2003 Sp2Daniel Medic12006-05-10 06:46
Outlook with PGPchris bridges12006-05-09 10:45
KeyserverRob Arends42006-05-03 14:41
"Copy Key to clipboard" does not workRalf 22006-04-07 10:54
the "perfect" development environment ?Ben St42006-03-17 09:43
problem with no passphraseDB Digital12006-02-13 10:00
Stupid Sanity Check for Write access?Greg Matyola22006-01-30 14:02
WinPT crashes at startup XP-SP2Erik Harren112006-01-28 01:47
winpt 0.11.6 says "A newer GPGME version is"Ralf 12006-01-21 20:53
Please update to WinPT 0.11.6Timo Schulz02006-01-19 20:20
what is the "Cryptdisk" option ???Yomega Killer32006-01-11 12:23
WinPT crashes when I try to access key manageEdward Reiss52005-12-30 14:20
Possible bugDavid Vallier22005-12-20 20:40
WinPT and throw-keyidRalf 12005-12-20 09:14
Doesn't work rightsteven hause12005-12-06 09:03
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