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search names in kleopatraFabio R22021-02-17 17:18
Error handle plaintext failed:General errorRob Owens12021-02-17 15:57
Error Opening KleopatraA A62021-02-12 08:01
Is this a false positive?Mister List12021-02-11 09:01
issue with encryption and multiple keystiita x32021-02-04 14:19
Kleopatra IssuesMark W52021-02-04 08:26
Libgcrypt vulnerability Mark W12021-02-02 08:24
Deleted key pair from Kleopatra- recover?Blake Henderson82021-02-01 14:46
Error with right-click > Sign and EncryptLes Dee42021-01-29 10:45
GPG4WIN: GPA not importing keys correctly?j man22021-01-28 16:55
Gpg 4 Win Problem when encrypting a fileMateusz Serwa32021-01-28 16:51
GPGoL for Microsoft outlook 2016Koulis S Atlis22021-01-26 09:34
Kleopatra: what existing certificate did it find? Dissent Doe42021-01-15 08:19
Loading Certificate CacheMark W32021-01-15 08:13
Singing and Encryption with S/MIME certificate failsMatej Kopecky142021-01-11 09:18
Decryption issue with files provided by Bendigo BankNick Robinsonm12021-01-05 08:04
Decryption helpBates Boswick12020-12-28 11:33
gpgOL cannot decrypt E-mails. No Data.Kim H162020-12-03 13:02
Gpg4win 3.1.14 bug with GpgOL 2.4.8Chris Wood32020-12-02 16:28
Slide lateral cursor on some windowsJosep M. Rexach52020-11-27 11:39
Show password buttonAndrea Brambilla22020-11-26 11:43
Gpg4win 3.1.13 Bug Windows 20H2David Molina32020-11-25 07:44
Decrypt errorPaul Benson32020-11-19 14:48
gpg4win-3.1.13.exe on Virustotal two engines detected this fileMarco Del Corto12020-11-13 01:26
Official qualificationPhilippe PREL22020-11-12 18:43
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