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verify cryptographic signature?Jaunas Jorg52020-03-06 10:46
Move home directory to another locationUlrich W12020-03-05 10:39
Blue stamp sometimes not shownJosep M. Rexach12020-02-29 23:46
Curious behaviour classifiing trust levelJosep M. Rexach32020-02-27 08:07
Unable to categorize or follow-up an encrypted eMailArthur Hoffmann172020-02-25 09:25
Error message when receive encrypted email.Michel de Montigny22020-02-25 09:20
Maximum number of characters when creating passphraseBarry Williams02020-02-24 13:36
GPGShellUlrich W22020-02-22 18:32
Configure default manager keyAlex G12020-02-17 13:30
'No Secret Key' .... NEED HELP will Lee32020-02-17 08:20
Which Keyserver is Kleopatra usingMark W12020-02-11 09:05
gpg-agent preventing continuation of Powershell scriptG A12020-02-05 09:14
Certification and CertifyMark W42020-02-04 21:42
Create temporary decrypted files in the folder of the encrypted fileLes Dee22020-01-28 05:59
New Kleopatra installation - how to use the private key I have on a smart card?Jan Chmielewski42020-01-27 14:54
Unable to encrypt emails to myslefJan Chmielewski42020-01-24 09:30
mail client Office 365 problem transfer keyHans Richter12020-01-24 07:52
sending e-mails using plain-text PGP/GPGJan Fischer32020-01-22 08:27
Internal error in GpgOLGreg Struk42020-01-21 15:07
Passphrase and Key StructureMark W52020-01-21 14:57
How to extend subkey expiration (kleopatra cannot do this)Eno Lours62020-01-20 17:25
Trying to change passphrase in KleopatraDave Wood42020-01-17 08:01
Kleopatra Key SortingMark W22020-01-09 19:43
Can't read forwarded emailgianni giannini22020-01-08 09:43
Technical Details Menu ItemMark W22020-01-07 21:12
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