Forum: Website management via rsync

Posted by: Sascha Wilde
Date: 2006-01-16 17:35
Summary: Website management via rsync
Project: Site Admin

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Every project on wald can have its own public website:

From now on the content of this website can be easily managed by each project member using rsync.

To use the rsync access you have to upload a ssh public key to the server. This can be done using "Edit Keys" on "My Page/Account Maintenance". It is the same key as used for SVN write access, so as a developer on wald you probably have one already.

The Document Root of your projects website is available as:$PROJECT/htdocs/
so to list the contents of your projects Document root you can use:

rsync $$PROJECT/htdocs/

to upload a new index.html use:

rsync /path/to/my/local/index.html $$PROJECT/htdocs/

for further information please read the rsync manual.
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