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Please remove this projectAndre Heinecke02022-03-28 17:30
WinPT -- Toggle For "Please Take Care To Close..." Popup?Stephen Brinich02013-01-29 01:44
WinPT 1.5.0 BETATimo Schulz12012-02-01 23:41
Invalid crypto engineThomas Jose02011-08-19 08:10
Key Cache Internal ErrorMichelle Feldman32010-01-29 20:32
Status of WinPTTimo Schulz12009-12-12 21:15
WinPT KeyserversThomas Howell-Cintron02009-10-05 03:31
New Website and ReleaseTimo Schulz22008-10-21 09:07
About the locale of WinptDreamy Mung12008-10-20 17:19
WinPT drops loadimages.exeMichel Fork12008-07-20 18:03
Portable WinPTJames Pesko132007-09-02 08:26
Keyserverabfrage & ProxyTobias Sänger12007-05-25 14:51
some internationalization problemsCristian Secară12007-05-25 14:49
New Developer / WinPT for flash drivesWilliam Gates02007-05-19 21:22
New GPG 1.4.7attila flagellodidio02007-04-06 10:19
winpt homepage ?Matthias Kring42007-03-19 15:21
Suggestion for new features.q q32007-02-09 10:06
What about Next release?attila flagellodidio02007-01-29 14:10
gpg.conf corrupted by WinPT?Ralf 62007-01-27 19:15
Remove photoIDattila flagellodidio62006-12-24 10:59
Can't encrypt messages Outlook 2k3 GPGolJohn Wilhelm22006-12-23 22:59
domain name and finding WinPTJulian Tosh12006-12-23 10:24
Split Keyattila flagellodidio12006-12-17 17:47
Revokerattila flagellodidio12006-12-13 15:44
Encrypting with more keyattila flagellodidio122006-12-13 10:04
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