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Looking to install Privacy Guard GPG 3.1.10 silently through SCCM Daniel Harman013 hours ago
Complete Newbie desperatly seeking help Chris DeFelice321 hours ago
Unable to categorize or follow-up an encrypted eMail Arthur Hoffmann11 week ago
GPG4Win 3.1.10 crashes Outlook2013 at random intervalsmatteo Carelli11 week ago
AllowSetForegroundWindow The parameter is incorrectJenny W21 week ago
Help to encrypt multiple files by command lineleandro ocampos11 week ago
Gpg4win+Thunderbird/Enigmail: remember/provide password forever (over reboots)?Zero Conf42 weeks ago
Create temporary decrypted files in the folder of the encrypted fileLes Dee12 weeks ago
Gpg4win with Thunderbird/Enigmail: how to cache password forever?ts wp173 weeks ago
Libgcrypt 1.8.5Mark W63 weeks ago
GPG Command OptionsDavid G43 weeks ago
Kleopatra & "gpg -K" hangandrej rypo52019-11-06 15:58
GPGOL 2.4.2 and Outlook 2016 Version 1908 Build 11929.20300 click-to-runBrian Hofmeister42019-10-28 09:24
Subkeys created by GPG do not show up in KleopatraLes Dee12019-10-23 12:43
Cannot encrypt files with KleopatraBash Hart122019-10-23 07:45
Using yubikey to encrypt files.Alex G62019-10-22 17:48
Importing EFS certificateJosep M. Rexach22019-10-10 07:52
gpg4win installation error "error opening file for writing"Yecid Aldana12019-10-08 11:16
GPG certificates and patriotic act.Rafael Flores42019-10-04 12:44
System errorHans Müller12019-09-18 12:57
what type of fingerprint kleopatra uses for signing keys ?josef novak12019-09-16 08:15
kleopatra error: no such file or directoryjosef novak42019-09-16 08:11
GPG4win issue with office2016Jethro Webston62019-09-10 06:51
GpgOL and weird encryption for HTML or image sentAntonio Pacheco142019-09-09 08:24
Build for Windows/ARM64Jianli Gao32019-09-09 08:08
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