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WinSCP doesn't detect "paegant" even though gpg-agent is running Bob Southwell416 hours ago
gpg4win appears to ignore keyserver settings Travis Melka21 day ago
MIgrate PGP keyring to GPG4Win ? Larry Charles24 days ago
Need to import new Let's Encrypt root certs and also chainJosep M. Rexach21 week ago
Reset laptop and lost secret key - is there a way to recover through windows? Dorian Kalafatis41 week ago
Encrypt a file via the CLI?Joe J.42 weeks ago
The secret key can not be foundMatthew Thompson12 weeks ago
how do i Import my private keys from the "private-keys-v1.d" folderPeter Freigeist52 weeks ago
Certificate expiredAl Manint32 weeks ago
Can't login to SSH with OpenPGP cardMarkus K.32021-09-28 07:13
Cannot sent encrypted document in email 'no secret key detected'Anna Willcox22021-09-27 16:52
Error importing certificateJosep M. Rexach22021-09-27 08:44
After ".\gpg --recv-keys" Finishes Executing, Process Explorer CrashesVeronica Cisneros02021-09-15 23:13
gpg --some-command returns "WARNING: no command supplied. Trying to guess ..."Veronica Cisneros22021-09-14 14:24
Outlook PlugIn is preventing normal encrypeted email to be decryptedGianluca Crivelli42021-09-09 07:44
Gpg4win(v3.1.16): Any more new valid command line option for installer ?Rob Mer32021-09-02 13:06
Silent installation does not seem to workFrank Maxwitat12021-09-02 11:15
Gpg4win-3.1.16: Smartcard-daemn crashes...Chris Wood102021-08-31 10:07
Kleopatra fails to publish key on serverJordi Solé02021-08-28 09:41
GPG4O is showing 2 attached files on an empty email for encrypted emailsDaniel H02021-08-19 11:16
Kleopatra App CrashingJames Gage12021-08-04 07:18
Gpg4win Can't Decrypt -- Bad Session Key -- SymmetricRobert Smith32021-08-02 15:39
CompendiumKenneth Benson32021-07-24 13:08
Convert ASC to PK12Roberto Eulogio Soliz Mayser12021-06-30 06:55
encrypted email is not automatically decrypted in outlook and I have to use KleoGianluca Crivelli82021-06-22 12:52
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