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Formatted wrong hard-drive, keys lost? Notur Business12 days ago
Client unable to import public keys james king12 days ago
I have translated the text of the German Compendium into English Heinrich Stall14 days ago
Misspelling in compendium documentationc 3po22 weeks ago
Open PGP Standard Format PGP Public Key (4096 bit) using SHA-256 hashing algoritPrem M22 weeks ago
Missing Begin blockDe-Milo Bynum13 weeks ago
Log file questionMichele H62022-04-29 11:49
GPG4Win 4.0.2 signature links broken, no sigs in files repoRob Allen32022-04-28 08:04
TPM supportDingwen Wang12022-04-21 06:28
provide SHA256 of 'latest' installer fileNikolas Lazar62022-04-19 07:45
64-bit version of Gpg4winAaron Franke12022-04-15 16:11
Unable to join IRCAaron Franke12022-04-15 16:09
All functionality brokenPeter L52022-04-15 16:08
Restart gpg? --kill is invalidCat Admin32022-04-15 16:01
gpg Can't check signature: No public keyCat Admin182022-04-14 14:25
Verifying Signatures for Electron CashJohn Parker132022-04-08 13:22
new feature request/suggestionAndrew C.12022-04-04 16:46
Libgcrypt version 1.10.1Mark W22022-04-03 21:11
Import keys from v1.1.3 to v4.0.0Michele H22022-04-01 11:23
Exporting certificate - Export Secret Key - key protection- no option for ASCII Leon Horic22022-03-29 15:04
Kleopatra only returns one key from keyserverT Ribbrock32022-02-25 11:01
Initial setup for lookup on serverMatt Postiff212022-02-22 07:54
Klepatra 'Lookup on Server' search failingnomen tura32022-02-21 09:29
Kleopatra hangs loading certificate cache on Windows 11Jamin Collins32022-02-17 08:02
Decryption failed: Service is not runningAjish Pulikkool32022-02-16 21:14
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