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gpgOL cannot decrypt E-mails. No Data. Kim H161 day ago
Gpg4win 3.1.14 bug with GpgOL 2.4.8 Chris Wood32 days ago
Slide lateral cursor on some windowsJosep M. Rexach51 week ago
Show password buttonAndrea Brambilla21 week ago
Gpg4win 3.1.13 Bug Windows 20H2David Molina31 week ago
Decrypt errorPaul Benson32 weeks ago
gpg4win-3.1.13.exe on Virustotal two engines detected this fileMarco Del Corto13 weeks ago
Official qualificationPhilippe PREL23 weeks ago
noob questions about crypto strength optionsc3ntr0py x32020-11-09 20:43
Mail server 550 5.6.0 error signing emailsMans Agevik62020-11-05 13:15
Unknown error when search keys from serverN F72020-11-03 16:35
Win user trying MacBkAir. Looking 4 latest free GPG & front ends 4 Mac GPGMacUser Mac12020-10-26 10:43
Kleopatra/PGP4Win can't get user's public keys from server (SKS keyserver)Fabio R52020-10-26 10:35
Permanently decrypt Mails in Outlookblitz designer12020-10-19 08:34
Copying GPG4Win to a new machineMark W22020-09-29 05:17
Unable to Import Key from ServerMark W32020-09-25 07:03
Lookup on Server Not WorkingMark W42020-09-24 05:40
after update gpg4win, impossible to send or read encrypted emailstheo bell112020-09-17 13:25
GPG4Win and Thunderbird 78.2Mark W32020-09-16 06:27
Unknown Kleopatra VersionMark W52020-09-15 06:40
Can't log into Outlook after removing GPG4WinAl Baker32020-09-11 07:39
Removal of a moduleMark W22020-09-08 22:58
Recommended settings for new key?Bernd Leutenecker12020-09-07 08:52
gpg4win-3.1.13.exe wird von drei Scannern als Schadsoftware erkannt. Bernd Leutenecker22020-09-06 12:45
gpg4win sometimes crashesDeath AndPain52020-09-04 09:13
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