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CertUtil: -hashfile command FAILED using CMD windows Gwen Fargo42 days ago
GPG Using batch phil phil66 days ago
application for android or iosRafae Souza42021-04-08 16:59
Tool to limit the number of assumptions for encryption keysRafae Souza72021-04-08 12:26
Tool to limit the number of assumptions for encryption keys - part 2Rafae Souza12021-04-06 07:38
Help to encrypt multiple files by command lineleandro ocampos22021-04-05 18:32
Windows Smart Screen blocks Kleopatra & gnupg command line functionalityBRAC C142021-04-05 11:45
Decrypting folder without asking for passwordRafae Souza22021-04-05 10:22
Application Error: The instruction at... The memory could not be read.josef novak122021-04-05 10:10
Automate file encryptation and serverTomas Carneiro12021-03-30 11:58
Import Secret KeyJoe Samuel52021-03-30 07:49
Select sender encryption key in OutlookLouis R52021-03-26 14:00
Too much hard work to use this nowDemon Traitor32021-03-16 08:27
Automatic installation of Gpg4win 3.1.15 with powershellFabio R52021-03-16 08:23
Can't import a certificate from key serverFabio R52021-03-15 12:10
Can't open GPA?R P22021-03-11 08:01
corrupted encrypted datajaka jaka22021-03-10 15:59
Some issues to use Kleopatra with a SSL connection to the serverFabio R42021-03-08 21:45
Workaround bypass organization auto-added "warning" textMathieu Peyr├ęga42021-03-08 20:00
Where is my private key?Ramon Tan82021-03-07 17:08
Question about some Kleopatra fields.Fabio R72021-03-05 17:59
"No Such File or Directory" When Decrypting Files Created with gpgtarReed Hanger22021-03-05 15:31
GPG4WIN: GPA broken in 3.15j man22021-02-18 11:30
Unable to return from Notepad buttonJosep M. Rexach42021-02-18 09:56
Kleopatra won't connect to serverjim beam12021-02-18 08:30
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