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[#1526] Tagged deegree 3 builds / Pre-releases

2010-06-22 16:18
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Jens Fitzke (jfitzke)
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Jens Fitzke (jfitzke)
Tagged deegree 3 builds / Pre-releases

Detailed description
The TMC intends to start creating tagged deegree 3 builds soon. This his several motivations:

- Wiki documentation on deegree 3 services begins to mature [1]. However, the documentation currently has to make references to snapshot builds, which means that the referenced version is not fixed, but constantly changing. As a result, the documentation may work in a specific moment and the next it may fail. This problem will disappear when the documentation / build scripts can make references to tagged builds.

- Third party projects should not be using deegree 3 trunk snapshots, but tagged versions

- Processes for producing tagged builds can be developed and tested. This will be very handy when the first official releases are going to be build.

For now, these builds are not supposed to be officially announced deegree 3 releases. As the we already produced such a tagged version in the past (3.0-pre4), we want to carry on this naming scheme by using 3.0-pre5 for the next tag. After that, new tagged builds (3.0-pre6, 3.0-pre7, ...) should generally be produced every four weeks (or on demand if the need arises).

At a later time (and after successful QA), the generated pre-builds should be also officially announced. As the deegree 3.0-release is scheduled for deegree day 2010, this should happen in the not-so-distant future.

Question to the PSC: What's the intended schedule for official pre-releases? Technically, we could start with this in the next few weeks.

[1] http://wiki.deegree.org/deegreeWiki/deegree3/WebProcessingService#Getitupandrunningin5minutes


Date: 2011-11-17 21:35
Sender: Jens Fitzke

This question is re-opened with regard to a clean release planning and execution process.

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