Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Sascha L. Teichmann Contact: Sascha L. Teichmann Admin
Emanuel Schütze Contact: Emanuel Schütze Admin
Bernhard Reiter Contact: Bernhard Reiter Admin
Sascha Wilde Contact: Sascha Wilde Admin
Bugs 6634 Homepage link Konfiguration does not allow to specify https urls, eats the colon 51 Months Ago 51 Months Ago
Bugs 439 longer than 32 character name 142 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 300 Wish: enable CCing any email from tracker 147 Months Ago 145 Months Ago
Bugs 266 Wish: "Last changed" column in issue browsing page 147 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 250 mailing list "Administrate" link doesn't accept project admin password 149 Months Ago 75 Months Ago
Bugs 248 commit list default description speaks about CVS instead of SCM 149 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 236 only tracker Admins can move tickets between the trackers 150 Months Ago 150 Months Ago
Bugs 228 only admin can access the survey results 150 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 226 Wish: predictable download addresses 150 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 143 Documentation Bug - SCM Developer Access 155 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 84 Project statistics are broken 157 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 83 Wrong encoding on project home pages 157 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 82 Wrong encoding in mailinglist mails 157 Months Ago 157 Months Ago
Bernhard Herzog Contact: Bernhard Herzog Admin
Thomas Arendsen Hein Contact: Thomas Arendsen Hein Admin
Jan-Oliver Wagner Contact: Jan-Oliver Wagner Admin
Frank Koormann Contact: Frank Koormann Admin
Wald Admin Contact: Wald Admin Admin
Nadie Sanli Contact: Nadie Sanli Admin
Gernot Schulz Contact: Gernot Schulz Admin