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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Member Username Role(s)/Position(s)
Jeronimo Wanhoff
Jens Fitzke
Markus Mueller
mmuellerSenior Developer
Georg Walenciak
georgSenior Developer
Johannes Wilden
jwildenSenior Developer
Jens Pabel
pabelSenior Developer
Sebastian Goerke
sgoerkeSenior Developer
Anne Loos
aloosSenior Developer
Lyn Buesching
lbueschingSenior Developer
Rutger Bezema
rbezemaSenior Developer
Markus Schneider
mschneiderSenior Developer
Reijer Copier
copierSenior Developer
Linda Vels
lvelsSenior Developer
Hans Plum
hplumSenior Developer
Andreas Schmitz
aschmitzSenior Developer
Hanko Rubach
hrubachSenior Developer
Bernhard Herzog
bhSenior Developer
Torsten Friebe
tfriebeSenior Developer
Dirk Stenger
dstengerSenior Developer
Andrei Aiordachioaie
aaiordachioaieJunior Developer
Ariane Wietschke
awietschkeJunior Developer
Andrei Ionita
aionitaJunior Developer
Alexander Padberg
apadbergJunior Developer
Judit Mays
jmaysJunior Developer
Stephan Reichhelm
sreichhelmJunior Developer
Volker Grabsch
vogJunior Developer
Bug TaskForce
bugs-tfJunior Developer
Danilo Bretschneider
dbretschneiderJunior Developer
Alexander Erben
aerbenJunior Developer
Herman Assink

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