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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 2.0.2

Release Notes
This is the second maintenance release of the openvas-libnasl module for the
Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) 2.0-series.

It fixes some issues discovered after the release of openvas-libnasl
2.0.1 and introduces support for upcoming features.

Effect when installing this version:
openvas-libnasl 2.0.2 requires openvas-libraries 2.0.4.
Please read effects of the openvas-libraries 2.0.4 release.
The newest OPENVAS_NASL_LEVEL is now 2320, which adds support for
mandatory keys. This feature will be used by NVTs in the future
to improve the scanner performance.
Change Log
Main changes since 2.0.1:
* Extended the nasl syntax to support 'Mandatory Keys' as part of
  implementation of Change Request #39

* Closed bug #911 (http://bugs.openvas.org/911).
  This solved a linker problem related to gcrypt.
* The configure script now remembers its given arguments.

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