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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 1.0.7

Release Notes
This is the last maintenance release of the openvas-plugins module for the Open
Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).

As it was agreed in Change Request #32
(http://www.openvas.org/openvas-cr-32.html), the OpenVAS project will no longer
release tarballs of the openvas-plugins module. The NVTs contained in the
openvas-plugins module will continue to be available through the OpenVAS NVT
Feed and as a separate daily updated tar-ball. Please read the Change Request
for details.

The synchronization script and the remaining "C-Plugins" (suffix .nes) will be
migrated to the openvas-server module and will be released with this module
starting with openvas-server 2.1.0.

Please note that this module is no longer needed if you have installed
openvas-server 2.1.0 or newer.

This release fixes various issues discovered after the release of
openvas-plugins 1.0.6 and adds a large number of new Network Vulnerability
Tests (NVTs), now in total over 11,000. Some NVTs are being reactivated by
adding mandatory dependencies - these dependencies were missing because they
were subject to proprietary licensing and thus were not inherited from Nessus.

Shortly after release date of this version, it will be outdated in terms of
NVTs. NVTs are being updated daily. We strongly recommend that you do an
synchronization using the openvas-nvt-sync command before you (re-)start the
OpenVAS server. This will download the latest NVTs from the OpenVAS NVT Feed.

If you are packaging this module for a distribution, we recommend that you
include a synchronization in you post-installation routine.
Change Log
Main changes since 1.0.6:

* More than 1,000 new NVTs have been added.
* A large number of existing NVTs have been updated and improved.
* The Debian packaging files have been updated.
* The synchronization script (openvas-nvt-sync) again preserves timestamps
  when synchronizing.
* The Local Security Checks Generator (LSC-Generator) is now able to generate
  LSCs for Gentoo and HP-UX as well.
* A number of NVTs using the tool "hydra" have been removed from openvas-plugins
  due to licensing issues. Please refer to the ChangeLog for details.

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