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  Outllok 2016 freezingBen Bazian02017-12-14 18:50
  GPG agent unable to startSimon Blackquill22017-12-12 10:54
  Signed messages are not displayed - Gpg4win 3.0.1 / OL 2010 / Win 7I. D. M.82017-12-08 16:19
  GpgOL - "Please wait while the message is being decrypted / verified..."John McCabe152017-12-08 16:17
  pubring.pgp and secring.pgp missing in Version 3.0.1C S22017-12-07 13:13
  Unable to change default key in Gpg4winCraig Anderson22017-12-07 05:40
  Possible to encrypt a message using ASCII armorScott Shetty22017-12-06 11:58
  gpg4win 3.0.1 kleopatra crashes during key generationAndres Kruse12017-12-06 10:29
  Gpg4win 3.0.0 - Kleopatra crashes when trying to create new key pairBill Rossi12017-12-06 10:29
  Decryption Failed No Data Errorrichard jones12017-12-05 06:33
  Unable to transfer decrypted directories to an other hard disk partitionAno Nymous32017-11-30 08:30
  pgp attachment extension issueNicolas Zafiriou42017-11-29 22:23
  Can't decrypt message received in Outlook 2016Jorge Speranza242017-11-28 15:08
  Create attached signatures and combine multiple signaturesLuis Marsano52017-11-22 19:40
  GpgOL - Outlook running out of resourcesJohn McCabe52017-11-21 11:40
  GpgOL sends clear text of encrypted mailWolfgang Jacques142017-11-20 07:40
  Possible [minor] Bug with GPG v 2.2.1S C52017-11-18 05:34
  Did Microsoft's November Update Break GPG4Win?Bob Brown22017-11-17 07:43
  Some help with new installation please.Jonathan O12017-11-16 07:33
  Outlook crashes when pasting an email address into the CC boxJohn McCabe32017-11-15 15:30
  Gpg4win 3.0 - unable to change homedirPatrick P52017-11-15 10:46
  Gpg4win 3.0.0 Kleopatra Self-Test failuresJohn Foster12017-11-10 10:11
  After installing 3.0 file contained no valid encrypted data error messageRyan Mark42017-11-06 16:19
  Gpg4Win 3.0.0 update came with a plethora of bugsTom Spettigue22017-11-06 08:30
  Outlook hanging when requesting passphrase for signing keypaul jeran52017-11-06 08:25
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