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  Icon in outlook 2013 gpg4win ver. 303Josep M. Rexach42018-03-19 14:18
  Resizing new notepad window for text files Josep M. Rexach62018-03-19 08:27
  Kleopatra crashes on ok + interface issuesM B32018-03-15 06:34
  GPG4WIN does not decrypt SENT messages properly in OutlookRamon Tan12018-03-15 06:27
  PRESET_PASSPHRASE does not skip pinentry gui dialogEthan Khmer82018-03-07 09:23
  Error message on Decryption in Kleopatra: no secret keym tab62018-03-07 09:12
  Cannot find "gpg-agent.conf" (to configure pinentry / unnatended passphrase)griever Fdez32018-03-02 14:47
  reusing original keysJonathan Leach22018-02-26 18:18
  Difference Windows and LinuxDirk Visser32018-02-23 10:36
  Gpg4win 3.0.0 Path Issue and Request to Add More Hash Sum CheckersGuy Good62018-02-19 11:16
  GpgOL - pinentry-qt does not popupAri Don22018-02-19 11:12
  GpgEx - right-click context menu in Windows fails to create checksumsKim Nilsson32018-02-19 11:00
  Private keyring directory (private-keys-v1.d) on a separate removable deviceJosep M. Rexach12018-02-19 07:19
  Outlook 2016 - Blank Signed and Encrypted emailsAndres Velazquez22018-02-19 07:13
  Moving from old to new computerMike Smith12018-02-14 07:24
  Possible to encrypt a message using ASCII armorScott Shetty82018-02-12 15:54
  GPG4Win 3.0.3 - Backend not supported by KleopatraBlake Sherwin32018-02-07 15:02
  Automate ProcessesBrad R62018-02-07 10:44
  Inline PGPOb Obeid32018-02-01 08:35
  gpg4win 3.0.3 does not work over 3.0.0veli pekka Jutila52018-01-31 16:58
  Decrypt/Verify File in KleopatraAustin Titus42018-01-20 10:11
  Kleopatra frozen (hangs for 2 hours) 3.0.2Bernhard Reiter02018-01-18 13:31
  Unable to move nor copy msgs in Outlook gpg4win 3.0.3Josep M. Rexach12018-01-18 13:19
  Error creating First/New Pair after installing gpg4win-3.0.2.exeEmail Support92018-01-13 19:16
  Kleopatra feature suggestionAnimedude Johnson92018-01-12 10:44
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