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  Kleopatra won't decrypt file, terminates during decryptionSteve Littman02017-10-18 14:40
  mkportable: file '...' not found in the source directoryExplorare Nota Seniorious02017-10-18 14:02
  Gpg4win 3.0.0 Path Issue and Request to Add More Hash Sum CheckersGuy Good02017-10-18 01:07
  Can't decrypt message received in Outlook 2016Jorge Speranza182017-10-16 15:32
  Email body in Outlook is emptyFox Sierra62017-10-16 12:59
  GPG4WIN 3.0 Windows XP SupportMark W72017-10-16 11:16
  Possible [minor] Bug with GPG v 2.2.1S C02017-10-16 10:05
  Using a regular SSH key & a GPG key on a Yubikey to auth on a serverDavid Sferruzza12017-10-16 07:49
  Encrypted Folders Are EmptyDemon Traitor12017-10-16 07:17
  Cant move received email into another folderJohn Mrkva12017-10-12 15:07
  GpgOL - "Please wait while the message is being decrypted / verified..."John McCabe22017-10-11 13:03
  Cannot verify this signed fileDan Passegua82017-10-09 12:50
  Cannot ecnrypt using cacert X.509Dan Passegua72017-10-09 09:14
  GPG4win 3.0: Outlook-2010 stores encrypted/signed S/Mime-mails only encryptedChris Wood122017-10-09 08:35
  Blank e-mails from Outlook 2016Francois Lachance52017-10-05 08:40
  help!!!qiu ming12017-10-05 08:33
  GPG4win 3.0, Outlook-2010, Classic Menu dialoguesChris Wood52017-10-04 07:27
  Error when export key pairLeo Leung22017-10-04 06:36
  outlook crushDavid Shuhami12017-10-02 09:36
  GPGrelay doesn't work any more since Gpg4win 3.0Tobias Heilig22017-09-28 08:54
  OT: Financial opportunity for GPG? Encryption in the NetherlandsM B52017-09-28 06:44
  gpg.exe quits causing batch file to exitAjax Dahgue112017-09-27 07:23
  GPG4win 3.0.0 und Thunderbird enigmailHelmut Leininger22017-09-25 07:45
  Gpg4win 3.0.0 released -- Thanks for your Support!Bernhard Reiter02017-09-22 07:05
  gpg4win 2.3.3 and mailvelope key serverD B112017-09-19 11:11
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