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  gpg4win 3.1.4 = gpgOL 2.3.1 = prefer smime does not workZigg Ziggen92018-11-19 11:37
  Funny behaviour with GpgOL, Exchange Online and occasional PGP/MIME breakageMikko Nahkola52018-11-15 21:42
  Public Key is not listed for Selection for EncryptionPaul Gerke02018-11-15 21:18
  filename for signature file in GPGOLIgnacio Cobos22018-11-15 12:41
  How to add a comment to a key?Zigg Ziggen92018-10-31 07:59
  Server indicated a failureEldar Zalilov22018-10-22 09:11
  Kleopatra crashes on large filesAlex Sieben42018-10-15 19:24
  What prgm (Why) does gpg-agent.exe start in Windows?Peter Steiner12018-10-08 17:05
  Latest (monthly) Outlook doesn't load GpgOL add-inMikko Nahkola22018-10-08 08:20
  gpg4win with Cryptoflex smrtcardsAlex Sieben22018-09-28 12:31
  Crash with OL2016Lo Zio32018-09-25 09:22
  problem receiving encrypted attachmentsThirsa Kraaijenbrink42018-09-25 06:49
  Error when encrypting emails with attachmentsMatt Wyen32018-09-18 08:30
  Encrypting just using a passphrase, asymmetric encryption and combining bothPhilipp Kunert32018-09-10 06:27
  invalid security certificateArvie Census12018-09-04 10:59
  prefer SMIME does not workZigg Ziggen22018-09-03 17:16
  How do we know/select which cert the outlook plugin uses?Matt Wyen12018-09-03 07:17
  Format of the announce e-mailJosep M. Rexach32018-09-03 07:13
  Restart on Outlook 2013 sp1 32 bit on ver 3.1.3 beta 20Josep M. Rexach52018-08-30 14:23
  Posting to the forum should work againThomas Arendsen Hein02018-08-28 07:02
  decrytping alex clark22018-08-06 07:20
  Decryption Failed - Decryption FailedPrabhu K62018-08-02 06:11
  Pinentry-gtk-2.exe crashes on Windows XPDouglas Cline12018-07-19 08:51
  Your HTTPS certificate has a problemAnimedude Johnson92018-07-19 08:48
  GPG4WIN 3.0 Windows XP SupportMark W92018-07-19 06:48
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