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Mailvelope & GPG4Win integrationJosep M. Rexach32 weeks ago
how do i Import my private keys from the "private-keys-v1.d" folderPeter Freigeist32019-04-23 08:28
Using One Key for a hole domainBen Benr12019-04-16 08:16
showing "sec" vs "pub" when changing the expire dater4 axeg02019-04-15 17:56
First Time Decrypting: Error MessageMark Aselstine12019-04-12 05:34
More GpgOL weirdness with Click-to-Run Outlook and Exchange OnlineMikko Nahkola12019-04-11 11:51
Outlook 2019 Does not show decrypted mailTim Carstensen22019-04-11 09:32
Decryption hangs at 100%Nataliya Andriyenko22019-04-09 18:52
Kleopatra default keyserver?Edilio Chianga62019-04-01 12:11
Want to stop passphrase popup on new email arrival or Windows NotificationSam Kirsch12019-01-30 07:59
GPG4Win3.1.5-1: no connection to key server?!Martin M√ľnch102019-01-28 19:27
Kleopatra ignoring gpg.conf?Phillip 52019-01-18 22:59
Certify whole keyring with one private keyKrzysztof Schukalla12019-01-18 07:35
MSG attachments get truncatedTomaz Stropnik12019-01-16 10:42
GpgOL missing buttons to encrypt attachments Krzysztof Schukalla12019-01-14 06:41
How to import and verify certificate (.gpg) in using command lineGaneshbabu Chandran42019-01-09 08:33
Kleopatra Runtime errorJoao Ferro22019-01-07 16:47
Office 2019 compatibility?B Nutzer32019-01-07 09:25
Disable SMIME Signature Check in Outlook 2010Charlie Waffles12019-01-07 09:21
cant open a new keycubit killer12018-12-19 08:47
No public key signing a fileJosep M. Rexach152018-12-18 13:43
Cannot create new key pair in Kleopatra after deleting everythingsteve rivera92018-12-17 11:57
Starting gpgsm.exe multiple times when opening SMIME signed email Zigg Ziggen12018-12-17 07:33
minimal portable version of PGP or GPG under WindowsJanek Kam32018-12-07 07:22
Public Key is not listed for Selection for EncryptionPaul Gerke32018-12-06 07:26
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